• SOLD -RARE LARGE Unique Beautiful Limb with Precious Opal -4 PIECES

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    Big Approximately 40 cm long and 6cm in diameter. This 14 million year old piece was mined at Bonanza Opal Mine in 2016. It has amazing PRECIOUS OPAL Along the outside and under the bark penetrating inside. Great details of knots and grain and the large end has the Ancient Ash matrix holding on to other sticks and pieces ( can be removed but adds to the interest!). It also has a small piece of a limb that was sitting on top of the branch when mined and fits into the hole in the bark. Precious opal shines from the end, the bark and across the top. Can be glued back in but a separate piece now. 4 PIECES OF MAGNIFICENT OPAL IN WOOD. VERY RARE FIND.